Benefits of Lingual Braces


Very discreet – no one need know you are wearing them High degree of comfort Low profile means they do not interfere with speech Results can be seen within a [...]

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Why Choose Incognito Orthodontic Braces?


Incognito braces are among the most discreet braces available. These braces are lingual – meaning that they are fitted to the back, not the front, of the teeth. They are [...]

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How we can help?


If you cannot help the child stop, the orthodontist will have some suggestions. Using a retainer (a removable plastic appliance that fits the roof of the mouth) will usually stop [...]

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The Advantages of Self-Ligating Braces?


In summary, Damon Q self-ligating braces provide: Lighter wire forces: Increased patient comfort Faster wire changes: Less chair time at appointments No elastic ties: Improved oral hygiene Reduced friction on [...]

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What are Self-Ligating Braces?


Braces work on a simple principle – your teeth are attached to a curved wire running along the outside face of your teeth. The wire pulls your teeth into proper [...]

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What braces will do?


Correcting problems with your child’s teeth will have multiple positive effects. Straight, healthy teeth and a beautiful smile Teeth are easier to clean Further dental problems are prevented Improved biting [...]

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Does my Child Need Braces?


Overbite Crowded or misplaced teeth Protrusion (overjet) Deep bite (overbite) Jaws that click Early or late loss of baby teeth Thumb and finger sucking Grinding teeth Problems chewing or biting [...]

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Payment Plan


Claim back up to 20% with Med 2 Form. We accept incremental payments over the duration of your treatment. We are more than happy to tailor make our payments structure [...]

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What is a specialist Orthodontist?


A specialist Orthodontist has a full time, three year accredited training programme culminating in a standardised exit exam from an awarding body such as the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh [...]

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