What are retainers and why are they needed?


Retainers are designed to keep your teeth straight and can either be removable or fixed to the teeth. Teeth can move after braces are removed if retainers are not worn. [...]

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What will happen on my first visit?


On the first visit a full examination of the face and teeth is carried out and records such as photographs, necessary x-rays and scans using our latest state of the [...]

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What will it cost?


This will vary depending on whether one or both arches require treatment, on the severity of the problem, the duration of the treatment and on the type of braces chosen. [...]

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Do I need to be referred by a dentist?


No, you do not need to be referred but if you have not been to see your dentist for some time, we may recommend that you see your dentist for [...]

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Will it hurt?


A degree of discomfort is likely to start with when the brace is fitted. You can expect some aching and tenderness in the gums as the teeth start to move, [...]

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Will I need extractions?


There is little doubt that well-planned orthodontic treatment can both improve the bite and enhance a patient’s overall appearance. Every course of treatment needs to be tailored to the needs [...]

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